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For many years, I have specialized in Sound Design which has always been part of my passion. Everywhere I go I bring all my stuff with me to hunt all the sound covering my world.

With a strong musical background at the Conservatory of Paris  and various music schools in Africa and Italy, I propose an original soundtrack through many styles of expression.

Being a passionate of Reggae, I found in 2012 the group Prayanam DUB with Antoine Lecomte. It is then that we compose together songs with ethnic connotations mixed with the famous rhythmic Stepper of Reggae, Roots and Rock Steady. We are then invited to play on different stages in France and abroad alongside « Headliners » known as Brain Damage, Panda Dub, High Tone …

Prayazen (One Positive Tribe) is a story of friendship between the Prayanam and City’Zen crews Its 6 members (Antoine, Flo, JD, Jim, Loann and Nico) unified in 2015, within the Adubtion collective. Inspired by their elders from the Ile-de-France scene, they first built their own sound system.

It is only more recently that the crew has begun to work together on productions inspired by world music and their travels.

  I was Sound Designer for the creation of the end of study project for CNAM students from the Gobelins school, then several other missions on applications and games on Android. My knowledge is very good on Wwise and Fmod middleware via Unity and Unreal Engine 4. I have experience in particular on C # (Unity) and Blueprint (UE4) scripts for integration. Being a musician, I have a very good experience in interactive music composition, this being very important to highlight InGame interactions and accentuate the immersion of the player.

For composition and recording I prefer analog material and live sound recording, which allow me to create powerful SFX and Asset for the Games. My skills are perfect on Reaper, Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools and Live. I have no limits when the need for sounds to create, any DAW has its advantages and disadvantages. With a solid musical training at the Paris Conservatory and in various music schools in Gabon, Cameroon, Italy and Tahiti I offer original soundtracks through many styles of expression (symphonic, DUB, experimental, Low-Fi, Hip -hop …).


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